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network installation - wlan/plip

I'm starting with debian, better starting again :-) I have an old
laptop omnibook 5700 with 166MHz/32MB/2.1GB. I want install debian3.0.
Laptop has no cdrom. I have a wireless lan card belkin F5D6020g
and as alternative a cable for the parallel port.
1.) wlan does not work, belkin card is just flashing, and the installer
    says that the network isn't configured (I tried to configure with
    static IP and set the essind and frequency in /etc/pcmcia/wireless.opt
2.) plip does not work, if I try to modprobe the module it says device
    is busy
    - I tried it from the slink (debian2.1) rescue disc -> it works!?

Has anybody tried one of these methods?
Any hints would be very nice, thanks
email                                             k.roemke-at gmx.de
tel                                                       02225 909740

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