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Re: [OT] RS232 to USB adapter

Christian Schuerer wrote:

unfortunately my laptop doesn't have any standard serial port (RS232), but I would need one for my studies. I googled if there are any linux-supported Serial-to-USB adapters, but didn't find anything.

Does anyone know about a Serial-to-USB adapters which is known to work with linux? Is there maybe a generic module like for USB mass storage devices?

Any help is appreciated,

When you build a custom kernel, that is a good/excellent time to see
what chipsets/driver code exist for which devices. However, going from the name of the driver code or chipset in the kernel component selection process does not always map directly to the commercial name(s) that vendors use to refer to the products they sell. Most often, the vendors are unaware that a particular device is or isn't supported by linux drivers. Get a device supported by the 2.6 kernel series, as the has been many changes and enhancements to the serial and usb device interfaces to the 2.6.x kernels.....

Let me know what you get working, as this is on my todo list too...


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