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Re: ALT+F1-7: Switching consoles doesn't work

Jens Nachtigall (nachtigall@web.de) wrote:
> my setup:
> debian sid, Fujitsu Siemens Amilo M 7400 (centrino), kde
> my problem:
> I can switch *once* from X to another console using CTRL+ALT+F1-6. However, I
> can then neither switch back to X (ALT+F7) nor can I switch to any other
> console (ALT+F1-6)
> Any ideas?

Idea: Probably framebuffer issue.
Idea: Ask Big One In The Sky which xserver (ATI?) could be involved

You did not tell us  anything about your X11 setup,
loaded framebuffer / video console modules,
kernel config ( fb/videoconsole statically included?),
X11 driver.
If you want to do so, somebody could certainly help you out.

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