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Re: Dell Latitude PP01L: ATI Radeon Mobility M7 LW and AC'97 Modem

Adam Kessel wrote:
I've made some progress.  Apparently the laptop is much happier with
1400x1050 resolution than 1024x768, both for the LCD and the external
CRT.  Now the fonts aren't sickly anymore.

One odd thing, though, is that the top few lines of the CRT are very
dark, so I can't quite see the top of the screen.  This isn't a CRT
settings problem (i.e., if I play with position or size on the monitor,
it makes no difference).  Has anyone ever heard of this happening?
yes I have,

I have a similar problem, when I switch to an external modem on my toshiba a30 pressing Fn-F5 key the image shift down 1 cm both in lcd ad external monitor

the funny thing is that image remains shited down until I kill xserver; but mouse pointer is in the right position, I can press buttons which appears a cm under pointer ...

another funny thing is that if I reboot the screen return right both in lcd and external monitor, but KDE characters are shrinked while GTK applications have character of the right size

for now I can just reboot if I want to use external monitor and configure a greater size for kde chars, but it is ugly ....

I still have not modified XF86config for external monitor and I have used 1024x768 60Hz resolution

has anyone any clue on how to understant this behavior, or what is the correct thing to do to use external monitor the way I use it with M$ windows?

thanks all


                               Riccardo Vestrini

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