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Sony Vaio: Radeon XFree problem

Hi everyone,
I own a Sony Vaio PCG-FR415M (Radeon IGP 340M; 15' 1024x768 XGA TFT monitor) on which I'm running the unstable distro (compiled 2.4.25 kernel). Basically, the problem is that I cannot use resolutions lower than 1024x768, as 800x600 gives corrupted graphics (and a nasty vertical black stripe) and all the others from 640x480 downwards are simply blank. I tried using other drivers than the radeon one, but I got the same results with ati and an even worse one with vesa (small and completely messed up area in the center of the screen, as if the resolution wasn't really changed); I also tried to play around with the radeon driver options or adding modelines, but with no success. My latest shot was using an XF86Config-4 I found on the internet, but nothing changed (as a matter of facts it is the one I'm using at present). I hope somebody can give me some hints on how to solve this problem before posting the whole XFree86.0.log and XFConfig-4...

Thank you

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