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Re: tape backup ?

On Tuesday 25 May 2004 13:42, Provost, Stephane wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> Another random question for debian users on laptop.
> The hard disk on my server/laptop has been working a lot for the past
> 3 years and I am now waking up in cold sweats during the middle of
> the night because I didn't do any backup.
> So here I am now, browsing for backup solutions, from Zip drives to
> DVD burners or CD burners.
> Thanks very much everybody !!!!!!
> --Stéphane

You should also look into the package backup2l.  I don't think it is in 
woody (it is in sarge), but it is a bash script whose only Depends is a 
very old version of findutils, so installing it should not require you 
to upgrade any other packages.

It provides the backup "strategy", and lets you choose the archiving 
program.  It provides "drivers" for .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, and .afioz, but 
allows you to add simple bash "drivers" for any other archiving tool 
you want to use.


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