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Problems with i8k module on a DELL Inspiron 2650


I have a Debian Sid with kernel 2.6.6 on a Dell Inspiron 2650 (A13
bios), and I have quite an  annoying problem:

- whenever I load or unload the i8k module, something funny is happening
with the size of the screen: by default, the screen (bios image, linux
console mode etc.) had a resolution of 640x480, but stretched to the
whole screen. Now, if I load the module it will comute between two
states: first the screen will be in 640x480, unstreched, leaving black
bandes around, and after a module load, it will be 640x480 stretched to
the whole screen. I somehow partially solved the problem using a frame
buffer of 1024x768, but the problem manifests itself even for the BIOS

If I load the module, the BIOS screen will be a little 640x480 image, in
the center of the screen. Load again, and at the next boot, BIOS will be
a streched 640x480. After that, unstrached, after that, streched ...

It's really annoying. Does someone have a solution for this ? I googled
around, but didn't found anything relevant ...

Mugurel Tudor (mugurelu@go.ro)   
Linux Registered User:  212231
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