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Re: Installing stable on Averatec 3200

On Sun, May 02, 2004 at 08:53:09AM -0400, William Hawkes wrote:
> I have installed stable on an Averatec 3200.  One problem I have is when 
> booting, the display seems to have to many lines.   Can anyone let me 
> know how to configure the default text display?

I hope to understand the problem, I guess you can't see
the login prompt immediately after startup is complete.
If this is the case it might help:
- to disable framebuffer, e.g. using a boot option like
  vga=normal or try to configure with another resolution
- as a workaround often it is possible to switch to a second console
  e.g. <ALT>+<F2> , because this effect is often only related
  to the first console
- if none of the above helps, you may try to run a start-up-script,
  shortly before the login prompt appears,
  which contains the `clear', `resize' or `reset' command

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