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Re: Wireless PCMCIA

Friday 09 April 2004, alle 19:13, Stefano Negro:
: Hi,
: I am planning to buy a wireless PCMCIA card, so I am looking for some good 
: link for a compatibility list.
: I don't want to become crazy to install it on my ACER 233XC.
Dear Stefano,
	I have two wireless cards one is D-Link DWL650+ (ACX100 based)
and the other is Netgear WG511T (atherios based). I have some problems
with the first (even if it is really inexpencive) becouse the Linux
module need windows firmare and it took 2 to 3 tries before loding
properly. The second work without probem but costs 80 euros or so.


Stefano Canepa email: sc@linux.it - http://www.stefanocanepa.it
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