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Re: xfree86 and lilo

Does anybody know of functioning backports for xfree86 4.3 and
after?. The ones that i know of don't work anymore. I had problems
compiling xfree864.3 and 4.4 so would prefer using backports. Thanks.

On 28-Mar-2004, Adam Aube <aaube01@baker.edu> wrote:

 > Aswin Venkat wrote:
 > > If i install the 2.6.4-kernel-image, is there a way of retaining the
 > > previous two versions as well?
 > This is automatic. Kernel packages are handled differently than other
 > packages - installing a new one won't uninstall older ones.
 > > Also, if i install a kernel-image and i find out later that there are
 > > patches i wish to add, is there a way to do it or is compiling the
 > > kernel the only option.
 > Compiling is the only option in this case, unless someone else has already
 > compiled one for you. Depending on the patches you want, finding a
 > pre-compiled kernel may be quite difficult.
 > Adam
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