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Re: mouse / trackpoint configuration on ibm t23 laptop

I am not sure whether you have seen the following site,


if not, please read it and pay attentions on "How do I use this driver 
with Linux kernel 2.6.x?" on the FAQ.

I run a Debian Linux(kernel 2.6.4) on my Dell i4150 laptop. After I
enabled the "PS/2 mouse support(CONFIG_MOUSE_PS2)" and "Event
Device(CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV)" in the kernel configuration and recomplied
the kernel, the touchpad ,trackpoint and external USB mouse all work 
well, even though I haven't installed the more powerful touchpad driver 
mentioned above, yet.

Hope it's useful for you. :)

On  4, Jerry_Bash@spectral-sys.com wrote:
>    Some additional information --
>    The previous post was with a 2.6.4 kernel image.  When I boot to the
>    2.4.25 kernel, the external mouse works.  Still don't get any response
>    from the trackpoint (or the buttons on the laptop itself, for that
>    matter).
>    Thanks,
>    -Jerry
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