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Re: alsa prob on sid vaio r505

On Thu, 25 Mar 2004, Christer Stenbrenden wrote:

> After a closer look it seems like you configured alsa to be built into
> the kernel, and not as modules.

Yes, I guess I did... with the problems (solved below, BTW) I guess I
wasn't thinking.

> if this is so then everything should be up and running.

_Should_... and would have been, had I been a member of the audio group
(doh!) and the cdrom group (to play the cd in xmms).  The speaker at the
top of the Gnome desktop said there was no audio device so...

> btw. everything is by default muted in alsa, so use alsamixer or
> something to raise the volume.

Yeah, I forgot to mention that I had done this... but thanks again for the
info.  Now on to the next issue on the laptop, dvd watching.

Thanks for all the help,


Robert D. Crawford

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