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compile 2.6.2 for laptop

I've tried compiling the 2.6.2 kernel from the kernel-source from packages.debian.org. I'm compiling the kernel so I can get a wpc11 ver. 3 wireless card working.

I've done the following:

make-kpkg clean
make menuconfig
setup the kernel as follows regarding the wireless setup General Setup

   ISA bus support (the card is 16-bit, and needs this to get IRQ)
   PCMCIA/CardBus support->PCMCIA/CardBus support
   PCMCIA/CardBus support->CardBus Support

Network device support->Wireless LAN (non-hamradio)

   Hermes chipset 802.11b support
   Hermes PCMCIA card support
   Network device support->PCMCIA network device support->Pcmcia
   Wireless LAN

make-kpkg  --revision=custom.1.0 kernel_image modules_image

but the card wont work, I'm at a loss. I've read how easy this is and I'm feeling rather stupid at this point and would love some interactive help. I still consider myself a newbie regardless of the fact that I've been with Linux for about 3 years, this only makes a few months with debian. I'm a RedHat convert. To possibly compund the problem I've got an issue when booting up the line that reads Checking Module Depends, I get several errors about usb, maestro and a few others. I type dmesg | more at the command prompt but no information is displayed about the fatal errors. I'm not sure which log in /var/log/ would show that.

Finally, and this may be the whole issue I do find when running dmesg | more an error from cardmgr as follows:
ardmgr[413]: socket 0: Bromax OEM 11Mbps 802.11b WLANc$
cardmgr[413]: executing: 'modprobe prisim2_cs'
cardmgr[413]: + FATAL: Module prism2_cs not found.
cardmgr[413]: modprobe exited with status 1
cardmgr[413]: module /lib/modules/2.6.2/pcmcia/prism2_cs$
cardmgr[413]: bind 'prism2_cs' to socket 0 failed: Inval$

Realising that the pcmcia directory doesnt exitst in /lib/moduels/2.6.2/ I would like to know if all of this is related to an error in compiling the kernel or something else.

I would appreciate some help.  Thank you very much.

Wes Reneau
w e s at lugot dot org

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