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Re: kernel-image 2.6.2 T 40 IBM

AFAIK, there are no problems when upgrading kernel, even from 2.4 to
2.6. There may be possible problem with 2.6 kernel on your IBM, but
there is always possibility to boot old kernel if new does not work. In
lilo prompt type linuxold (if you don't have enabled boot menu, it is
reacheable by holding left shift).


V Ne, 22. 02. 2004 v 13:19, Martin Wegmann píše:
> Hello, 
> I am really tempted to upgrade my kernel but in the same moment I am afraid of 
> loosing my data ( the usual problem ;-)  ). 
> I searched the web for kernel upgrades to 2.6.2 on a already running debian 
> (especially on an IBM T40). The majority of pages I  found were description 
> of problems, most often concerning lilo. 
> I would appreciate if some (IBM T40) user can tell me, if apt-get 
> kernel-image-2.6.2 worked smoothly or which additional problems I have to be 
> aware of.  
> thanks in advance, cheers Martin
> running debian testing/unstable 

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