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Re: Lucent winmodem support for 2.6.1 kernel

* Lukasz Wiechec <lwiechec2@space.pl> [2004 Feb 16 07:23 -0600]:
> Dear All,
> after switching into 2.6.1 kernel, I have problems with finding kernel
> module driver for my Compaq M700 laptop. I tried www.linmodems.org and
> following links to www.heby.de/ltmodem, but the sources there seem to
> support up to 2.5 version only.
> Has anyone know of any newer drivers hanging around?


A Google search got me this link to a mini-howto for moving from 2.4.24
to 2.6.x:


It shows a 2.6.x ltmodem package at:


I haven't had a chance to try any of this on my Thinkpad 390E which has
a Lucent modem that works very well under 2.4.x and the ltmodem

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