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2.4.20 kernel on sarge


This may seem strange, but I have need to test a old device
driver that a vendor says works with a 2.4.20 kernel.  They
recomend Redhat, but, say that Debian should work. So,
on a Sarge installation, I tried:

apt-get -t testing install kernel-sources-2.4.20

but the package had this  error message reply:
"Couldn't find package kernel-sources-2.4.20"

Is there some place I can browse the avaialble kernel
souces that work with Sarge/testing?

Is it possible that 2.4.20 is not availabe with Sarge?
How would I know?
Will a 2.4.20 kernel work with Sarge/testing, or do
I have to use a Woody distro?


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