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Re: TP 390E sound garbled on resume

* John Miskinis <miskinis@hotmail.com> [2004 Feb 06 06:09 -0600]:
> Hello,
> Well, I have a couple Thinkpad 560 model machines, and use the suspend
> and resume feature also.  I mostly use RH on them.  But, I can suggest that
> you ensure that the sound daemon (esd in my case) is also restarted when
> you resume the laptop.

Hi John.

Although libesd is installed, the daemon itself is not running on my my
machine.  At least nothing comes up with 'ps ax' or 'lsof | grep
"esd"'.  Now once xmms is running then the lsof command above does show
that xmms has opened  /usr/lib/xmms/Output/libesdout.so and 
/usr/lib/libesd.so.0.2.29 four times over, but once xmms is closed then
those references disappear.

> I would be interested if this advice is helpful, and if anyone has ever 
> solved
> the esd shutdown/restart issue.

Well, I did discover a libesd-alsa0 package that is for ALSA.  It seems
the default is for OSS.  However, I noticed no change in the
suspend/resume behavior.

Thanks for the reply.

- Nate >>

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