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TuxMobil at LinuxSolutions - Paris (France)

Dear List Members,

LinuxSolutions.FR ( http://linuxsolutions.fr ) has invited me to
join a talk about legal issues for Free Software projects at
February 3rd.  My topic will be "Obelix./.MobiliX: Trademark
Threats Against Free Software Projects". You probably remember
that I had to change my projects name from http://mobilix.org to
http://tuxmobil.org because of some severe trademark trouble.

Just in case you want to meet me, I will be there from February 3rd
to 5th. Feel free to join me at the fairground and/or contact me in
advance per private mail, offline from the list.

If time permits I will help to solve problems with Linux laptops
and PDAs or just chatting or taking a look at my brandnew SHARP
SL-C860 Linux PDA or Debian keysigning or ....

	Have fun


|=| Werner Heuser = Berliner Str. 122 = D-13187 Berlin = Germany
|=| <wehe at tuxmobil.org>     T. 0049 - (0)30 - 349 53 86
|=| http://TuxMobil.org        UniX on Mobile Systems: HOWTOs,Software
|*| This is no time for phony rhetoric -- Lou Reed

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