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kernel 2.4.18 wont boot on Toshiba 1605CDS

Hi: I've been running kernel ver. 2.2.20 on my Toshiba 1605CDS. I couldn't
get the modem started and downloaded the required package for my Conexant
HSF56 from www.linmodems.org   . It complained that I wasn't running a 2.4
kernel. So I got the kernel packages for ver.2.4.18, compiled and installed
it (used make-kpkg, a very nice tool, I remember sweating to compile a
kernel manually).

The trouble is the just after the computer starts with the new kernel
(ver.2.4.18) it sends some signal to some point which causes it to reboot.

This happens just after Lilo boots and before any messages appear apart from
the string
of dots that show the loading of the kernel to the RAM, I guess.

I thought this might be due to the configuration that I made using xconfig,
and decided to use a precompiled debian kernel 2.4.18, and guess what, the
same thing happened!

Why does the kernel cause the system to reboot, just after it is loaded by

ANy ideas would be appreciated, I can't get my modem to work!

Fethi Okyar

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