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Re: Just some questions

On Wed, 21 Jan 2004 22:31:06 +0100
Bernd Langehegermann <netbreaker@muenster.de> wrote:

> Greetings,
> today I started reading the debian-lists - so please don't flame me 'cause of 
> asking some 'stupid' questions.
> 1. 
> Is there an archive of the debian-lists, where I cans search for a solution on > my problem.

> 2.
> I've got a Centrino Notebook - what about installing Debian 3.0 on it?
> Will the Pentium mobile CPU and the Intel Grafik-Chip be setup up well?
> WLan isn't running, is it?

I've got a Toshiba M15-S405.  I'm using SID now.  Everything is working now except for the SD slot; the Nvidia GeForce 4 Go (?) is supported by both the xfree86 nv driver and the proprietary nvidia driver.  (Using 2.6) I have CPU scaling working well also; I use cpudyn.  I'm able to use the WLan fine with the ndiswrapper NDIS driver loader (which is open-source and doesn't require a license, as driverloader does).

> Thanx 4 your help
> Regards 
> Bernd
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