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Hsync and Vsync for Toshiba A20?

Hi all,

	This might seem like a simple question, but sorry, I'm very new to
setting up Linux.  I've installed Debian on a Toshiba A20 successfully and
even got X working.  However, following the XF86Config instructions, I
selected conservative values for the hsync and vsync values.  The
installation steps seemed quite clear that selecting values that exceed
the capability of your monitor would damage it -- however, what happens if
you pick conservative values?

	I've noticed that my screen takes a while to refresh -- for
example, when I drag a window across the screen.  Is this what happens?
Does anyone know how I can determine these values for a Toshiba laptop?
Even better...anyone have an A20?  :)  [I've seen postings from a few
years back about the A20, and I'm guessing that it's a different model
since mine is new...perhaps Toshiba is re-using model numbers?!?.]

	Before starting the install, I booted up my machine with Knoppix
and all worked fine.  In general (as I have other devices that I haven't
set up) is Knoppix similar enough to Debian (I've heard they are) that I
can just steal settings for anything that works?  Any suggestions on what
I can read to find out how?

	Thanks in advance!


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