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Kernel 2.6.0 - PCMCIA

 This is my first posting to the lists, so let me know. I am posting about having problems when upgrading to the d
debian patched kernel 2.6.0.
My machine is: dell 5150, ATI Radeon M9
 1) I have downloaded the kernel-source 2.6.0 from
apt-get and thus debian patches are on there. I am
double minded on should i go ahead and install
because, i have a Cisco Aironet 350 PCMCIA card and it
seems that i have been reading about that PCMCIA has
bugs  work with 2.6.0.

3) How can i copy over my old kernel .config file to
the new 2.6.0 so i do not have to make menuconfig?

Any response would be of great help ???

- P

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