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Dell 8600 WUXGA (1920x1200, 15.4", NVidia chipset)

Hi, all.

[ sorry if you got this twice- I sent it to debian-user
first, by mistake :-( ]

Just got a good deal on a Dell 8600 with a WUXGA display
(1920x1200).  Got it running at 1600x1200 with Xandros 1.0
(Debian-based, the former Corel Linux, and apparently what 
LindowsOS is based on), but trying to get it to the full width.  

lspci says it has an unknown NVidia chipset...

  01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation: Unknown device 0324 (rev a1)

Does anyone know if this chip is handled in the newer
kernels (I ran 2.6.0 on my last laptop for a while, but
can't seem to get xandros to come up off a customized
kernel) or a newer version of XFree86.

I've poked around tuxmobil etc, and there's supposed to be a 
NVidia driver, but it's not clear that it would work with this 
model, plus I'd rather avoid a proprietary driver (I've not 
been able to back out installs of proprietary software very
well in the past).  

Any help (experience or speculation) appreciated, especially
combos and configs (XF86Config-4 and kernel) known to work
on this (a bit too proprietary in retrospect) beast.

Oh, I'm running Xandros 1.0 but with a lot of stuff upgraded
to debian testing.  Any tips for vanilla Debian are also
welcome, as I wouldn't mind switching back to that (I'm not
getting that much use out of the Xandros added-value stuff,
except for eye-candy, which is readily available elsewhere).

By the way, Xandros' X startup seems to have a pretty good 
try-and-fallback startup system for X; I'm trying to figure 
out how it works.

-- Tony

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