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Re: newbie question

On Sat, 2004-01-03 at 10:57, Jerome BENOIT wrote:
> Tendril wrote:
> > Finally (for now) is there a reason why I can't copy/paste between
> > applications? (ie. between advanced editor and mozilla news composer?)
> >
> I am a newbie for that too :-)
> Please note that your question are not laptop specific,
> so the debian-user@lists.debian.org is certainly the place where you 
> want to ask.

debian-user is very good for this.

However, since you're here...  I'm not positive about those precise two
applications, since I don't use them, but most of the time you can
copy/paste by selecting the text in the first application, then clicking
the middle mouse button in the second application.  This works for me
across most applications.
Stephen Ryan <taketwoaspirin@deepthought.dartmouth.edu>

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