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Re: IBM 760XL

Ok, I just went ahead and installed the base system. It's been rebooted, and is now just sitting there. I went through the base setup just to get the system semi-working, but that's it. Now I'm looking at rebuilding the kernel or the route command. Problem 1) I've looked for the kernel source on the drive, but it's not there. I'm guessing that it didn't get downloaded in the base install. Even if I did have it though, there are no compilers installed. Is there another way of rebuilding the kernel without the source or compilers? (Dumb question, so I'm expecting a dumb answer :) ) Problem 2) As far as I can tell, the PCMCIA network card isn't being found, so even if I did manage to figure out route and the pertaining info, I don't think it would work. I have seen (although not this last reboot, everthing went by too quickly) it try to load eth0, but not find it. Is there a way to enable PCMCIA support in a configuration file? I guess I'm a little surprised that I configured the PCMCIA support, the network card is selected as not being PCMCIA even though it is, but when the system boots up it doesn't seem to have support for it. Ok, after typing all this, there is a new development. I took the card out for my boss to try for another laptop for a moment, and when I put it back in, it found the card and the network is now working and downloading the apt package information. If I have more q's, I know where to ask. Hopefully this solved the problem for the time being.
Thanks for all your help.
Brian Ronk
System Administrator
BookMasters, Inc

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