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Re: firewall for my laptop ?

On December 29, 2003 09:41 pm, Daniel Pittman wrote:

> I am curious -- the packages that didn't cope, what were the problems
> you hit?  I would like to know to better advise people in future.
> I presume that the issues was, at heart, that the packages assumed that
> you had a fixed IP address for the local host and then used that in a
> number of places.

At least two had that problem.  You had to run the 'builder' program with the 
interface active, it determined the IP on that interface, and when you moved 
you needed to rebuild the whole thing (or more likely, save the scripts for 
each configuration you use, then use 'whereami' or similar program to 
determine which one to run when an interface is enabled.  Unfortunately, I 
can't recall which two packages these were.  Guarddog works for me, because I 
just rerun the guarddog script whenever an interface is enabled.

Of course, there were a couple of others I tried (knetfilter was one) which 
simply lacked any usable documentation...

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