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Re: Which PCMCIA-WLAN Card

michael@bubi.dnsalias.net wrote:

I am looking for an PCMCIA Wlan Card with 8ß2.11g (54 MBit)

I'd like to buy the 3Com 3CRWE154G72, but i can't find, if it is
supported (what not necessarily means, it isn't)

I'd be inclined to hold off for the moment: I'm not sure how good current linux drivers are for the 802.11g cards, but given the non-standardised nature of "g" at the moment, and the flaky ndiswrapper style driver porting, I'm sticking with the cheap and cheerful, fully compliant and well supported buffalo (orinoco) pcmcia 802.11b cards.

If you do find any g cards that are well supported, let me know :P


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