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Re: Strange keyboard behaviour on Sharp Actius PCA-290

Damien wrote:

> No need to reinstall. Just use dpkg-reconfigure to change the your
> configurations. Start with getting your keyboard working correctly in
> the console BEFORE mucking with your X-setup.

Ok, that´s the command I was looking for.

Damien wrote further:

> To reconfigure your keyboard:
> 	dpkg-reconfigure console-data
> Try selecting a different keyboard. I don't know specifically about
> yours, but start by trying the standard 104 key layout.

That´s the first I tried. But I´ll check what else there is.

> Now, when your console is working nicely, reconfigure X:
> 	dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86


> Make sure you select to 'manage XF86config with debconf' or similar
> option at the start. Then go through without changing settings until you
> get to the resolution part. Choose your resolution.

I´ll try that too. I think that´s how I did it in the first place, but I
selected multiple resolutions.

Thanks a lot Damien. I´ll keep you updated.


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