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Re: [OT] Virusses (many!) via list?

Am 2003-09-20 17:29:47, schrieb Andy Firman:

>I don't know.
>The same thing has happened to me.  Getting about 50 per day myself.
>I highly doubt anyone has put my email address in their address book.

Right !

>If we are not in anyone's address book, then how would this virus
>know of our email addresses that we only use for debian-user?

I download the 57 Mailinglists I subscribed with seperatly E-Mails
because I create a local Mail-Archive and I use another Mail to 
write to the Lists. Now This E-Mail was hijacked by the Virus !!!

I get around 120 Viruses per hour !!!

Because I have only an 8 MByte account I must login all 
15 minutes and kill all what is bigger then 30 kBytes.

>This virus must pluck our email addresses of the archive or something....

In Strasbourg my ISP is wanadoo.fr and I have an E-Mail 
firstname.name@ISP with a 20 MByte Box. Now, since friday 
I get Viruses in masssssss...

I have contacted abuse@wanadoo.fr...

"We have a small problem" was the answer. 

Now you must know, that I have nerver used this E-Mail 
public. - Only for correspondence wirth abuse@wanadoo.fr 
and other Services from my ISP. 

They suggest me to change the name of my E-Mail-Account !!!

Argggg !!!!

Better I change the ISP !!!



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