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Re: [OT] Virusses (many!) via list?

Am 2003-09-21 11:29:54, schrieb Osamu Aoki:

> 1.  It is rude to people answering to you.


> 2.  No way to reach you persinally.

Oh, you can write it in Mails a litlebit hidden in the signature

> 3.  You lost to spammer/worm.


> 4.  Your mail is as bad as SPAM which forges its source.


>Use some decent filter.

I asume, that you have a ADSL-Connection or better...
I use an 33600 Modem and maifilter was working since last Thursday
arround 100 Hours ti kill 27.000 Messages over 30 kBytes. 

Please note, that it is very rar, that mails on the Lists are bigger 
then 30 kByte. 

Now I hav created at my ISP for each Debian-List an Mailaccount and 
each has 8 MByte. In adition I have many other Accounts. 

Even if you use 'mailfilter' It mut Download the whole Headers of 
the mails. 

1st rule:	Kill all what is more then 30 kByte
2nd rule:	Notify me what is between 10 and 30 kBytes
3th rule:	download all messages under 10 kBytes and filter localy

If you get around 29.000 in 4 1/2 days and only 2.000 are legitim...
You are realy fu... with it.



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