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configuration files for pcmcia-cs with 2.4 kernel

Hello list,
I have a question about the configuration files for the client side of a
network connection using using kernel-image and pcmcia-modules made with
the make-kpkg procedure.  I have successfully made and installed the
packages (based on the 2.4.20 kernel) and my card is recognized and
comes up automatically upon insertion.  Initially, I could successfully
connect to the internet through my dhcp supplier (here at the
university) but the next day I tried the same procedure, but, although I
received an updated /etc/resolv.conf file, I was unable to even ping any
address.  I have realized that there are (at least) three different
places that one can place things like address, network, netmask, etc.,
namely, /etc/network/interfaces, /etc/pcmcia/network.opts, and
/etc/dhclient.conf.  I initially had my configuration in
/etc/pmcia/network.opts but after the failure to connect the second day,
I have tried other options without success.  My question is are they
really necessary, since DHCP seems to be able to provide all the
necessary data, and if having this information anywhere will somehow
interfere with the ability to connect.  Thank you for any help that you
may give me on this matter.

Prof. Roy Little
Dept. Chem
Universidad de los Andes
Mérida, Venezuela

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