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Re: How to control LCD backlight via program?

On Thu, 25 Sep 2003 13:38:16 +1000 ben wrote:
> Carlos! how did you access the top left of the five buttons on your asus?

Please post to the list. I'll read it all the same, and perhaps other
people will be able to give better help.

Make sure your kernel has a recent ACPI code and that it is enabled (2.4.22
seems to have it included), and install package acpid. Then, the top 5
buttons, the lid (and other actions I didn't bother to check) will be
detected by acpid, which will run any scripts you configure it to run
for each of those events. In my machine, the rest of the buttons will run
sylpheed, mozilla and openoffice.


Carlos Sousa

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