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Re: Multimedia Keys

On Tue, 23 Sep 2003, Dan Rasmussen wrote:

> > > Yesterday I became the proud owner of a Zippy USB Mini-Keyboard
> > > (http://directron.com/wk801.html).  It's small, has a two-port USB hub,
 (above included for reference)

> Yeah, so I tried "xev" with the USB version of this keyboard.  It gives me
> no output for the multimedia keys and the function key.  It seems a bit
> weird that a keyboard would come with a row of broken keys along the top and
> one all the way across, so don't think I can blame that...maybe some limit
> is set in a config somewhere as to how high of keystrokes to accept?
> Any other ideas?

What usb does your kernel support - is it compiled to use keybdev.o (under
Input Core Support) or the limited boot protocol mode usbkdb.o (under USB
Support) section... you definitely want to be using keybdev - other than
that, perhaps trying it on your friends computer?  Offhand I can't think
of anything beyond that being your problem, unless it's some magic that
hotplug is doing for me...

-Martin Norland

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