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Re: Multimedia Keys


to use multimedia keys with linux I found a nice little guide how to do that. 
O.K. it is written for a LogitechCordlessDesktop and the author uses 
Mandrake, but for my Knoppix/Debian system it works right fine.


Am Montag, 22. September 2003 22:50 schrieb Martin Norland:
> On Fri, 19 Sep 2003, Dan Rasmussen wrote:
> > Greetings,
> >
> > Yesterday I became the proud owner of a Zippy USB Mini-Keyboard
> > (http://directron.com/wk801.html).  It's small, has a two-port USB hub,
> > and a bunch of multimedia keys.  The problem is that these multimedia
> > keys don't work with the USB version.  A friend ordered the PS/2 version
> > and getting the multimedia keys on the PS/2 to work with acme was no
> > problem, but that's not the case here.
> >
> > The multimedia keys produce no output in the program xkeycaps.  The
> > Hotkeys site at TuxMobil
> > (http://www.tuxmobil.org/Mobile-Guide.db/mobile-guide-p2c1s8-ext-keys.htm
> >l) didn't reference anything that I was sure would help me, so I thought
> > I'd ask here if anybody has gone through a similar experience.  I thought
> > of checking out the packages 'hotkeys' and 'lineakd' but am doubtful
> > they'll do anything that acme won't (other than maybe letting one decide
> > which actions each key takes, rather than leaving that up to acme's
> > methods, whatever they are...)
> I have this keyboard - both ps2 and usb versions - I'm using the usb
> version right now and, while I don't use the multimedia keys for anything,
> 'xev' reports them as keycode's in the range of 150ish - 160ish [take a
> bit of doing to get them all out] for the buttons on the left (the
> 'option' key seems to generate no event), and the buttons on the right are
> 222, 227, 112, etc. - so, they're definitely visible events, but the
> keysym is often (0x0, NoSymbol) which is just related to looking up and
> comparing to the keymap.  Other than the option key, they all seem to send
> different keycodes - so have at it! xev is your friend (albiet *very*
> spammy, especially if you use focus follows mouse/etc.)
> -Martin Norland

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