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trouble getting started continued

someone, (I forget who) asked for a complete log of what I did and results I got

boot up on CD-ROM, see the welcome message
type bf 24
see the system install
choose English language
configure keyboard, US English (qwerty)
initialize and activate a swap partition
choose no bad block scan
initialize a Linux partition
chasing Reiserfs
choosing to not run bad blocks scan
filesystem builds with no errors
mounting root filesystem
installing kernal. and driver modules from CD
configure PCMCIA support (instead of device driver modules)
configuring only PCMCIA controller
assuming that I have Intel i82365 sl or compatible chip
not specifying any controller settings
not specifying any core options
not specifying any cardmgr options
Configuring device driver modules
just hit exit and not explicitly configure any
configure the network
named the system
confirmed that the ethernet interface is a PCMCIA card
confirmed that I want to use DHCP
address acquired correctly
installing the base system
making system bootable
install LILO in MBR
putting all bootable partitions into LILO configuration
skipping make a boot floppy and just rebooting system, removing CD-ROM
good prompt in Lilo and go into Linux
clock is not set to GMT (thanks to Windows)
got spurious 8259a interrupt IRQ7
choose America/New York for times zone
enable MD5 passwords
choose shadow passwords
enter root password
do not create a normal user account
do not choose PPP connection
choose http to access Debian archive
use non-US softwareuse nonfree software
use contributed software
country mirror: US
mirror site ftp.us.debian.org
no proxy
fetches apt sources
declined to add another source
security updates from security.debian.org
running tasksel
choosing just desktop environment
not running dselect
seven packages upgraded, 272 newly installed 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded
package downloading complete
should PCMCIA support be stopped on upgrades: always
start PCMCIA support after installation: no
man and...setuid man: no
add mime handler for application/*  no
configuring locales: none selected
configuring locales II: leave alone
allow SSH protocol 2 only: yes
ssh-keysign suid root: yes
run sshd: yes
no PostScript printer
default paper size = letter
FreeType2 in mozilla: yes
sound daemon dsp wrapper: auto
starts unpacking
preparing to replace pcmcia-cs 3.1.33-6 ( using ./pcmcia-cs_3.1.33-6woody1_i386.deb)
cs:cb_free(buss 6)
Shutting down PCMCIA services: cardmgr moduleUnable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address e09723f0
Code: bad EIP value

OK, so where do I go from here? I've had similar results with netinst images as well

---- eric

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