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Re: having trouble getting started

Try using a netinst cd and installing from that. 

On Thu, Sep 18, 2003 at 10:28:09PM -0400, Eric S. Johansson wrote:
> this might not be appropriate for this list but...
> Trying to install Debian on my inspiron 5000.  four attempts, four failures.
> built a copy of cd1 using the jigdo process.  seems to boot OK
> 1: bf24 install: kind of works.  After selecting laptop and a couple of 
> other tasks, network install seemed to work OK but there's no X11 
> configuration. Investigation shows only a partial install and startx 
> complains about missing programs
> 2: repeat the above only selecting a minimum number of tasks in tasksel.  
> Starts complaining about dependency problems.  Start having PCMCIA problems
> 3: default 2.2 kernel install. PCMCIA problems get in the way of install
> 4: same as above only used different options with PCMCIA shutdown.  Same 
> problems killing install
> now, something here doesn't strike me as being right.  I've installed Red 
> Hat on this machine (7.3,8.0) and it works mostly wonderful.  There are the 
> ever popular funky problems with my wacom tablet but for the most part it 
> worked right.
> I've installed Debian on desktop machines using a real minimal CD boot 
> image and it went very nicely albeit complicated compared to Red Hat.  So 
> I'm wondering what is the problem here.  Should I be using a different 
> install image than the first CD or should I get and burn the next couple of 
> CDs to make a complete install set?
> clue would be welcome.  I'm hoping to find a different distribution for Red 
> Hat and have always admired the Debian project (I run it on my Alpha 164lx).
> many thanks in advance
> ---eric
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