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Multimedia Keys


Yesterday I became the proud owner of a Zippy USB Mini-Keyboard (http://directron.com/wk801.html). It's small, has a two-port USB hub, and a bunch of multimedia keys. The problem is that these multimedia keys don't work with the USB version. A friend ordered the PS/2 version and getting the multimedia keys on the PS/2 to work with acme was no problem, but that's not the case here.

The multimedia keys produce no output in the program xkeycaps. The Hotkeys site at TuxMobil (http://www.tuxmobil.org/Mobile-Guide.db/mobile-guide-p2c1s8-ext-keys.html) didn't reference anything that I was sure would help me, so I thought I'd ask here if anybody has gone through a similar experience. I thought of checking out the packages 'hotkeys' and 'lineakd' but am doubtful they'll do anything that acme won't (other than maybe letting one decide which actions each key takes, rather than leaving that up to acme's methods, whatever they are...)

I'd be very thankful for any tips.

Daniel Rasmussen
Jabber: dhrasmus@charente.de

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