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Re: Nokia D211

Hi there,
I finally solved _ALL_ Nokia D211 troubles (at least for me). I'll sell it to 
some windows user and buy Sony/Ericsson GC75 + some WiFi card ;o)

BTW have you someone expirience with Toshiba's mini-PCI wifi cards? Or what 
wifi card you recomend (mainly for home networking - preferably 22Mbps)?


Dne ne 31. srpna 2003 11:57 Miroslav Maiksnar napsal(a):
> Hello,
> I'm trying to get nokia d211 to work with debian. They have half binary
> drivers with source part for 2.4 kernels. Binary parts are available
> compiled with gcc-3.2 and 2.96 (developed on redhat linux). When I tried to
> compile driver against any 2.4 kernel (tried 3.2 and 2.95 compilers),
> driver loads successfully, but setup software cannot communicate with
> driver (prints message "Timeout in IPC message sending  msgrcv: Interrupted
> system call"). When I run depmod, i get message "depmod: *** Unresolved
> symbols in /lib/modules/2.4.21-custom-1.15/pcmcia/nokia_cs.o" (exact list
> of symbols is appended at end of my post). I have all requested features
> enabled in kernel and even try to compile against distribution kernels.

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