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Re: SiS 650 and text mode switching

> But are you using the Winischhofer frame buffer driver, or
> a sufficiently recent (2.4.22 I think) kernel what already has
> it.  Console mode is entirely dependant on the frame buffer.

Erm, that is not entirely correct or at least a bit misleading.

1) While it certainly is (partly) correct, the "the console mode" is determined by the framebuffer driver (if any), the SiS X driver does not _require_ a framebuffer driver to run and correctly restore the console. So much for the maybe misleading part.

2) "Partly correct" because other text modes than the standard one (0x03) are supported by the mere "vga" statement in the kernel command line. Hence, the "vga" statement does determine the console mode as well.

3) I just tried to reproduce the problem with "vga=1" but I could not. I works as supposed.

X remaining in graphical mode after pressing CTRL-ALT-Fx points to a crash of the X server during this procedure. That user is advised,

a) to send me his X log,
b) check the syslog for kernel oopes,
c) to try to reproduce the problem after removing the "vga=1" statement,
d) check if sisxdriver's postinst function correctly installed the correct version of the X driver at the correct location (I never tested this with Debian's experimental XF 4.3 packages)


Thomas Winischhofer
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