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Re: SiS 650 and text mode switching

Yes, I'm using the Thomas Winischhofer driver,
downloaded and installed via dpkg-reconfigure
But the problem seems to be the mode saving and
restoration, I insist. If I use Ctrl-Alt-F1 and then
Ctrl-Alt-F7, it appears the stripe and then returns to
graphical mode. While in this "banded virtual console"
I can work, I mean, change users, reboot, create
files. But there are no characters available, just
pixels, a reduced, distorted and restricted to the top
of the screen version of the text console.

 --- Moteuchi <listas_debian@moteuchi.com> escribió: >
> I had this problem in SIS M650. The screen blends to
> white.
> Visit www.winischhofer.net.
> I have one problem only, the Tv output is B/W(PAL).
> Sorry for my english, I speak spanish.
> Moteuchi
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