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SiS 650 and text mode switching

I just bought an Airis laptop with a SiS 650 video
chip, and I'm installing Debian. I installed sid and
then the experimental package for XFree86. I also
installed the sis drivers (from the sisxdriver
Everything goes OK:
1. The system starts in text mode
2. I do my stuff
3. I execute startx and X Windows appears
And here is the problem:
4. I want to return to the text mode console
(Ctrl+Alt+F1), to check the messages.

But I cannot, or at least not completely. The display
remains in graphical mode and a strange stripe of
color appears on the top. It's as if X couldn't
restore the text mode. 

My lilo.conf options (relevant) are:

And that's all. I guess it has something to do with
the console starting in text mode and X switching to
graphical mode. Has anyone had this problem? Solutions
or alternatives?

           Eduardo G. Melguizo

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