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Re: identify hardware

On Tue, Sep 09, 2003 at 10:37:42AM -0400, David Z Maze wrote:
> "Llu?s Forns Puigmart?" <boig@ya.com> writes:
> > I want to do so because it goes really slow (700Mhz!!!) and I
> > think it is because of lack of optimitzation.
> What, in particular, do you think is slow?  If you're doing intensive
> signal-processing tasks on your laptop, then yeah, optimization for
> the last couple of cycles is going to make a difference.  But you're
> probably not doing that, particularly on a laptop.  Otherwise,
> consensus on the Debian lists is generally that spending human time on
> rebuilding things with "better optimization flags" doesn't gain enough
> to be worthwhile.
> (...and 700 MHz is probably your CPU speed; no amount of optimization
> is going to change that.  My home desktop has a 700 MHz Athlon and
> runs fine; when I think things are going slow, it's usually because
> I'm trying to get at lots of data on a networked filesystem over a
> cable modem.)

I totally agree. The laptop I used until only a week ago had a 500Mhz
processor and 64Mb of RAM. It ran just fine, unless I wanted to use KDE
with all eye-candy enabled while I was running both openoffice and the
gimp with a postscript page rendered at 600dpi.

So... I generally used ion-devel or WindowMaker as window managers,
avoided openoffice if I could, used elinks instead of Mozilla if that
was possible, etc. etc. Ran just fine, really.


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