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Re: usb mouse not recognised in kernel 2.4.22 (continued)

    "Bob" == Bob Proulx <bob@proulx.com> writes:

    Bob> ben wrote:
    >> if i enter modconf on my latest compile no usbmouse shows up,
    >> however if i lsmod it appears. I am still not sure if this is
    >> the problem as my kernel 2.4.18 (bf24) has this module loaded
    >> and the mouse works, but I am willing to try anything at this
    >> stage!

    Bob> For USB mice and a modular kernel I have found experimentally
    Bob> that I need to load the following two drivers.

    Bob>   echo hid >> /etc/modules 
    Bob>   echo mousedev >> /etc/modules

    Bob>   modprobe hid modprobe mousedev

    Bob> With these loaded everything works fine for me.

There was a time I actually understood the USB subsystem (two years
ago or so). Now all I do is

- use a stock Debian woody kernel (2.4.18-{k7|686}) in my case)
- apt-get install hotplug

and it all works pretty much by itself. With my USB keyboard and mouse
I see

$ /sbin/lsmod | grep usb
usbkbd                  2944   0 (unused)
usbmouse                1792   0 (unused)
input                   3424   0 [keybdev usbkbd mousedev hid usbmouse]
usb-uhci               21508   0 (unused)
usbcore                49696   1 [usbkbd hid usbmouse usb-uhci]


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