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keyboard mapping issues

hi all,

I have an IBM Thinkpad R31 and Im trying to do a really simple keymapping.

I just want to swap my escape key with my caps lock key.  Doesnt sound tough does it ? ;-)

Ive tried using xkeymap to generate an xmodmap file for me, and Ive tried using the one I had before.  But the problem is that the file I wrote works sorta.  I get the escape key mapped to being caps lock fine.  But the caps lock key holds onto being caps lock AND becomes the escape key.  Weird eh ?

Im using KDE3.1 with X 4.2.1 and Im pretty sure KDE isnt doing anything weird.

Here is the xmodmap file I have :

remove Lock    = Caps_Lock

keycode 0x09 =  Caps_Lock
keycode 0x6F =  Print   Sys_Req
keycode 0x42 =  Escape
keycode 0x40 =  Alt_L   Meta_L
keycode 0x71 =  Alt_R   Meta_R

add    Lock    = Caps_Lock

any help is hugely appreciated.


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