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Re: Two fixed network cards

Derek Broughton wrote:
> And Thomas Hood's ifupdown-roaming will handle this automatically,
> with a single interfaces file but, if your only way to tell which
> net you're on is whether or not you get an IP served by dhcp,
> there'll be a 30 second (iirc) delay while it waits for a response
> from the server (obviously you can change this value in your dhcp
> client).  Most of the automatic network detections will look for a
> known MAC address, or similar test, to eliminate this delay.

The package name has changed to 'ifupdown-roam' and is available at:

Another way of reducing the delay is to put the DHCP logical
interface last in the list of logical interfaces that ifscout
will search.

Whether or not you choose to use ifupdown-roam, David Z Maze is
correct: you should only ever need _one_ /etc/network/interfaces

Victor Cain wrote:
> I tried ifplugd on a ThinkPad A20P that has a fixed, wired,
> network card and a PCMCIA wireless.  It did not configure the 
> wireless card, but ifstatus correctly tells me when the wire is
> unplugged.  Anyway, if you get it working, maybe you could let
> us know what you did.

You should try the very latest release of ifplugd and if that
doesn't work then continue trying the releases as they come out. 
The author of ifplugd is still busy improving the wireless network
link detection code.

Thomas Hood

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