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Re: APM locks up Ashton Digital Passport 2100

At 19:00 2003-09-03, Overkill of TASF wrote:
The kernel is 2.4, I'm doing a BF24 install. I can't seem to keep APM from starting up.... I do an apt-get remove apm, apt-get remove apmd.... It's kind of frustrating... No matter what I do (Er, what I've tried) APM somehow starts up at boot, and locks the kids up!

You cannot boot the machine so you have a prompt?
If you can, you seem to have been able to use apt-get, try kill the 'apmd' deamon. Try locating that running program. It's the apm deamon, and if you can kill that one, you should have no apm running. You probably selected to have apm sometimes during install. IIRC, the installation program asks for that...

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