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File blocked - ScanMail for Lotus Notes --> Re: Wicked screensaver

Mail notification from WFP Rome:

Undeliverable attachments were detected by the mail
scanner in the message that you sent.
Certain files such as applications, video and bmp images
cannot be delivered due to mail policy restrictions.
The undeliverable attachments were replaced with
similarly-named empty files, and the original message
forwarded to the recipient.

Please contact mail.administrator@wfp.org if you need
assistance. (WFPITA10A)

Date: 09/03/2003 12:24:46 PM
Subject:  Re: Wicked screensaver
File: movie0045.pif
From: debian-laptop@lists.debian.org
To:   wfp.registry@wfp.org
Action:     Blocked by Filter Rules;

Scanned by ScanMail for Lotus Notes 2.6
with scanengine 6.640-1001
and patternfile lpt$vpn.624

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