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Re: ASUS L3800CE

This one time, at band camp, jhorton said:
(Tuesday 02 September 2003 04:43)

> Anyone who is considering purchasing a "hi-end" laptop should consider
> the features on the Prostart,
> It has everything, including DVD RW, USB2.0, a built-in removable MP3
> player(smartdisk storage),
> sony memory stick support, BT878 for video in and out, etc, etc. I have
> not gotten everything working
> under Debian, but, that is more due to too many other projects.....
> Physically, the machine is an inch or so thick, and heavier than most
> portables, but, if you want every
> widget available, this is the one. Also when I ordered the machine, even
> though I hate Microsoft, it
> was nice that they shipped a COMPLETE windows 2k_PRO, as the default
> installation, instead of one
> of those partial_birth_abortion CDs that is useless for a variety of
> installation problems and customization
> needs, when your clients require to work with MS. I also suspect that
> the BIOS, in not one of those
> REDMOND corrupted varieties, although, I do not have direct proof of
> that, yet.
> http://www.amazinglaptops.com/prostar-8814specs.htm
> James

Those are very high quality machines, but very large and heavy also (12 pounts 
for the 88xx series!). They're pretty much the ultimate "desktop replacement" 
machines. They're manufactured by Clevo/Kapok and distributed by Sager, 
Prostar, etc. They're sold at http://www.pctorque.com , 
http://www.powernotebooks.com , http://www.discountlaptops.com as well -- 
check around. There's also a nice discussion forum site at 
http://www.talknotebooks.com . 
I'm not affiliated, just also interested in these monsters!


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