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ESS ES1869 + X on Siemens Mobile 501 -> freeze


I tried to get sarge  work on my Siemens Mobile 501, a laptop with a
PII 266, 96MB RAM, 4 GB harddrive, ESS 1869-soundchip and Neomagic
NM2160 graphics-chipset.

After some troubles  (the sb.o- module of bf24, 2.4.20-686 etc. only
accept irq 7) I got  the soundchip working, it plays fine with mpg123
at the console. But when I start X while mpg123 playing, the system
freezes and can only be resetted by pulling the accu out and plugging
the ac/dc-adaptor out. The same thing happens when I use the
alsa-modules (which accept also irq 5) and when I try to use XMMS
under X. 

On http://tuxmobil.de/siemens.html someone got this soundchip work on
a 510 which seem to be nearly the same notebook. 

Does someone of you have some ideas or got a similar hardware
constellation to work? I only found a user with the same problem after
some googling.


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