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Re: Strange behavior of my Accu

Jan Luehr wrote:
> Greetings,
> well, I've some trouble with my accu in my Sony Vaio PCG-FX505 and Woody with 
> a self built 2.4.20 Kernel from testing.. The whole computer switches of 
> after a few minutes of use without any warning about a low battery (like a 
> blinking light) and I cannot switch it on. 
> But the strange thing is, that if a connect it to the power supply unit, 
> switch it on an release the supply unit after two seconds, I'm able to boot. 
> If a boot WinXP, WinXP will tell me, that the reamaining capacity of the accu 
> is 80% and run for 45 min. But if I boot Linux, the System "simulates" an 
> empty accu an turn off.


i have a similar problem with my PCG-9G1M (labeled PCG-FX805). During
work my laptop switches of and since then only my num-lock-LED shines.
All trys for rebooting (reset, internal reset, disconnect the
powersupply, ...) failed.

A sony supporter told my to boot the system from a docking-station. It
should sometimes help to solve problems with powermanagment. But without
a docking-station...

Have you solved your problem, so that you can give any tips?



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